White Development Company and its extensive commercial and residential real estate services include acquisitions and joint ventures. Acquisitions are focused on commercial real estate properties for investment and land for development. In addition, White Development Company undertakes joint ventures with property owners and investors who want to capitalize our land development and building projects. With a rich history of utilizing joint ventures and acquisitions for significant projects of civic importance, White Development Company has a reputation of completing exceptional work when expectations are at their highest.

Tom White of White Development Company is instrumental in developing quality residential subdivisions as well as building and owning retail, office and apartment projects. Most of Tom’s signature developments incorporate mature landscaping and amenities that exceed city standards. White Development Company has an extensive background and years of experience working with the city of Lincoln administration and staff to make successful projects.

White Development Company focuses on three main aspects of development—residential land development, commercial land development and commercial property development.

  1. Residential land development includes creating master plans and developing land into neighborhoods that consist of residential lots for the construction of homes, schools, parks and churches.
  2. Commercial land development focuses on the creation of commercial development projects including retail shopping centers, office parks, industrial parks and multifamily projects.
  3. Commercial property development consists of developing commercial real estate into retail shopping centers, office parks, industrial parks and multifamily projects.

Principals of White Development Company have been involved with many large and prestigious developments that required collaboration with investors as well as other developers and landowners in order to develop coordinated mixed-use projects.

pine lane plaza building