In addition to White Development Company, Tom White is the co-founder of Ridge Development Company and has helped develop approximately 5,000 acres in Lincoln since the late 1980s. Some of the projects Tom has been involved in include Gold’s Galleria, LES Corporate Office Building, Corporate Center and the Rococo Theatre, which involved more than 500,000 s.f. of historic rehabilitation.

A few significant residential/commercial land development projects Tom has completed in Lincoln include The Ridge, The Highlands, Pine Lake Heights, Stone Ridge Estates, Wilderness Ridge, Pine Ridge and current on-going projects such as Waterford Estates, Village Meadows Commercial Center and SW Village Heights.

Current Projects

Bishop Heights

2 acres
Retail/Office Development

Hidden Hills

62 acres
Residential Development

East Dominion Estates

77 acres
Residential/Commercial/Multi-Family Development

Pine Ridge Project

Pine Ridge

50 acres
Retail/Office Development

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Waterford Estates Project

Waterford Estates

600 acres
Residential/Retail/Office/Multifamily Development
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SW Village Heights

450 acres
Residential/Multifamily Development
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North Bluff Employment Center – 600 acres – Employment Center/Industrial/Retail/Office Development

Some Past Projects

the ridge project image

The Ridge

200 acres
Residential/Retail/Office Development

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wilderness ridge project

Wilderness Ridge

450 acres
Residential/Retail/Office/Multifamily Development
27 Hole Golf Course Development
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Village Meadows

Village Meadows Shopping Center

30 acres
Retail/Office/Special Use Development

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Stone Ridge Estates – 160 acres – Residential/Retail/Multifamily Development

The Highlands – 230 acres – Residential/Retail/Office/Multifamily Development

Pine Lake Heights – 480 acres – Residential/Retail/Office/Multifamily Development

Regent Heights/Northern Lights- 350 acres – Residential/Retail/Office/Multifamily Development

King Ridge- 150 acres – Residential/Retail/Office Development

Gerbig – 150 acres – Retail/Office/Flex-space Development

Country View Estates – 90 acres – Residential/Multifamily Development

Big Thompson Creek – 200 acres – Residential Development

North Hills – 140 acres – Residential/Multifamily Development

Harrison Heights – 80 acres – Residential Development

Saltillo Industrial – 40 acre – Industrial Development

Hidden Valley Estates – 220 acres – Residential/18 Hole Golf Course Development

Rococo Theatre & Barrymore’s – Historic Rehab of Theatre and Bar

Gold’s Galleria – 350,000 S.F. Historic Rehab/Office/Retail Redevelopment

Lincoln Electric Systems Corporate Offices – 50,000 S.F. Historic Rehab/Office Redevelopment

Corporate Center – 20,000 S.F. Office Redevelopment

Lincoln Building – 80,000 S.F. Office Redevelopment

Shoppers Fair – 70,000 S.F. Retail Development